Adventures in Northwest Watersheds

Explore the wilderness of the northwest, focusing on freshwater systems. Investigate living and non-living components of alpine pools, mountain streams, lakes, wetlands, and major rivers. Gain skills required to determine the health and productivity of these systems.

Assess natural-resource management challenges and policy alternatives related to natural resource development. As a project-based field school, you will work together in teams to relate knowledge and data acquired on field excursions to the bigger picture of ecosystem health, sustainability, and make future predictions based on climate and human activity.

Courses | 6 credits:


Admission requirements

Dates and locations

Aug 17 to Sept 1, 2022

Program fees

Domestic   International   
 Field trip fee  $500.00  Field trip fee  $500.00 
 UC Lab Fee
 $49.50  UC Lab Fee  $49.50
 GEOG 210  $319.17  GEOG 210  $1,306.71
 BIOL 201  $319.17  BIOL 201  $1,306.71
 Student Union fees  $41.99  Student Union Fees  $41.99
 Total   $1,229.83   Total   $3,204.91


Fees effective for the 2021/22 academic year.

Non-refundable deposit due at registration: $200.00

Full tuition is due 10 business days before start.