Ethics in the Estuary

COVID-19 Update: Business field schools are cancelled

Courses are moving to online delivery and students who have registered should contact their instructor or for more information.

Analyze macroeconomics and business ethics through the unique perspective that the beaches and forests of Haida Gwaii provides to these topics.

Explore ethical theories from a multi-stakeholder approach and apply ethical reasoning to issues facing in organizations operating from Haida Gwaii. Analyze readings and case studies to explore key ethical principles and the various ways in which business professionals and ethical theorists address issues that commonly arise in the business world.

Gain insight into how an economy like Haida Gwaii functions and how macroeconomic interactions impacts prices, supply, trade and innovation.

Adventure into Gwaii Haanas as part of the explorations in this intensive field study.

Courses | 6 credits


Admission requirements

Dates and locations

May 4-26, 2020 *Cancelled

  • Lecture: Videoconference - May 4-13
  • Field study: Haida Gwaii - May 14-21

Program fees

Non-refundable deposit due at registration.

Full tuition due 10 business days before start.