Relationships and Language: Truth and Reconciliation in North Western BC

Learn about the early relationships between First Nations people and European newcomers and explore language restoration and revitalization.

In this field school you will examine how reconciliation is formed through relationship building and understanding. With visits to five First Nations communities, you will engage with Elders and leadership in each community, working closely with fluent speakers and leaders committed to restoring and revitalizing languages. Our field school includes visits to cultural centres as well as other sites that are key to the broader history of British Columbia and Canada.

Courses | 6 credits

  • FNST 120 - Aboriginal Languages - Preservation & Revitalization
  • HIST 213 - History of British Columbia  

Admission requirements

Dates and locations

Check back for an upcoming schedule of dates and locations. 

  • Terrace campus
  • Prince Rupert

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