Students at Coast Mountain College are strongly encouraged to download our Alertus Emergency Notification System app. Doing so will ensure that you receive an emergency notification and updates should there be an ongoing emergency. You will also receive notifications of unscheduled campus closures due to weather or other issues. Your phone will not use data to connect to the CMTN Alertus Server and the app is free. Visit the student self-service area of our site for instructions on how to download the Alertus app.

Residence Advisors (RA's)

Residence Advisors are full-time CMTN students whose primary responsibility is to make sure that each and every person in the community has a fantastic residence experience. They are trained to facilitate events and activities to help you meet new people in residence and to build a strong community. They can be great friends and fantastic resources. There is one RA assigned to each residence. Your RA should be the first person you talk to if you have a question, comments or concerns.

Food Services

Students who reside in Terrace Residences are encouraged to make use of our campus cafeteria, which is open Monday through Friday. It has been estimated that the average student spends $300 - $350 per month on food. In order to offer students some relief against food costs, the College offers a discounted rate on the purchase of meal tickets valued at $100 or more. Under this plan, students are able to purchase meal tickets with a minimum value of $100 at 95% of their face value (i.e., a student can obtain $100 worth of meal tickets for $95). Meal tickets at lower values are available, but the discount does not apply.

Kitchen and laundry

Each floor is equipped with a kitchen area that includes a microwave, stove, fridge and freezer. Laundry facilities are also provided on each floor of each residence, and are free of charge to residents.

Lounge area

There are two lounge areas per building. These lounge areas contain cable TVs and a local telephone. They provide a great common area for gathering!

Phone and internet

Each residence has a local phone in the common area lounge. The local phone is free of charge for local calls, and long distance calls can be received on all numbers. Each residence is also equipped with high speed wireless internet.


Parking is free of charge, and conveniently located next to the residence buildings. Register your vehicle with the Housing Office.  Learn more about getting here and parking at Coast Mountain College.

Visiting hours

Sunday: 11 am - 10 pm
Monday to Thursday: 3 pm - 10 pm
Friday and Saturday: 1 pm - midnight

Visitors are expected to respect the privacy of other residence students. Students are responsible for the conduct of their visitors.

Janitorial services

Janitorial services are provided every week day for the common areas of the residence, including lounges, entrances, stairwells, hallways, and washrooms. Residents are expected to keep individual rooms clean and orderly. Residents are also expected to clean the kitchen after each use. Janitors will empty resident garbage can when placed outside the room. Vacuum cleaners are supplied by the Housing Office for student use, and are kept in the common areas.

*All shared living spaces are a clean as you use and is the responsibility of each Resident.

Night security

At night, CMTN Security oversees the night time conduct of housing on campus, and also assists students when required.