Courses with Indigenous focus

Pedagogy and course content

Indigenous pedagogy is at the discretion of our faculty members and varies within courses and programs. Faculty may invite First Nations community members into the classroom or take field trips to First Nations communities. Many support and respect First Nations cultural expectations, discuss Indigenous issues and current events, participate in cultural awareness seminars, and endeavour to be sensitive and inclusive in the design and delivery of their courses.

Indigenous focused courses

Here you will find examples of courses that have an Indigenous focus. Please note that not all courses are offered at all times. Course offerings vary from year to year and campus to campus. Some courses may be offered by Video Conference. This list is subject to change.

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FNST - First Nations Studies

  • FNST 101 Introduction to First Nations Studies
  • FNST 120 Aboriginal Languages: Preservation and Revitalization
  • FNST 200 Aboriginal Community Research
  • FNST 210 Aboriginal Health: Community Wellness and Healing
  • FNST 033 Introduction to Aboriginal Health Care (Health Access)
  • Provincial First Nations Studies 050

ECE - Early Childhood Care & Education

All ECE courses are experiential in design. They include work with Indigenous children and families, provide relationship building opportunities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students and include visits with Elders from local First Nations communities.

WMST - Women’s Studies

  • WMST 101 History of Women in Canada
  • WMST 102 Introduction to Women’s Studies
  • WMST 203 Women’s Health Issues in Canada

Indigenous focused field studies