• Sharon_Oskey

Sharon Oskey

First Nations Access Coordinator
Residing campus
  • Prince Rupert

Ksgook nidim tooyakshl Simoogit laxha wilt ginamhl amaa sa tgun loom!
I give thanks to Chief above for this beautiful day!

Hlgu Ayeem Ksim Gaak wam Nisga'ay
The literal translation of the Nisga’a name given to me by my father’s family is: Young, Swift Moving Lady Raven, but the name refers to one who is quick to assist/help.

Sharonhl way
My nontraditional name is Sharon Oskey

Ksim Giskaast niiy, Wilps Wisin Xbiltkw wil witgwiy
I am a Killer whale woman from the house which name means “Dividing Copper into ten pieces”

Laxgalts'ap wil witgwiy ii Laxkeen will jogay
My family hails from Laxgalts’ap and I live in Prince Rupert.

For the past thirty years my employment has been in helping people: First as a Nurse’s Aide dealing mainly with the elderly of my community, then as an Executive Assistant to the PR Nisga’a Society and for the past twelve years as Regional Services Assistant at UNBC – Prince Rupert and the personal experiences and knowledge gained has made me more companionate toward all people who struggle and my resolve to help people to meet their education/training goals stronger.