Learning Assistance Specialists (LAS) provide one-to-one supports and services. 

Whether it's figuring out who to connect with for specific supports, simply talking to a great listener who can help you sort out a pressing problem, or dealing with the demands of being a student while maintaining a work/life balance, the LAS team is here to help you. 

We also offer free student success workshops - view our upcoming sessions.

Contact our team directly using the Learning Assistance Specialist (LAS) email:


  • Help with time management
  • Navigating Brightspace
  • Catching up on class work
  • Stress management
  • Budgeting
  • Assignment and writing support
  • Test taking or study tips
  • Group work help
  • Support with complaints or appeals processes
  • And more!

Meet our team

Jonathan stone

Jon Stone
Learning Assistant Specialist

Jonathan Stone has been with the college, in its many names, since 2009 – as an instructor in an essential skills, CCP, Business Administration, and University Credit, an analyst in Research and Information Technology, and now a learning specialist in Student Services.

He loves to learn and think about deep problems. He has a Master’s in Education from UNBC, as well as a post-grad from John Hopkins University. Currently, he is working on a second Master’s in Science from the University of Colorado.

As a learning specialist, Jon is fascinated by the how’s and the why’s of learning – what makes us tick, what motivates us, and how can we learn to the very best of our ability. For Jon, learning is about “deep learning” – when we can examine a topic from different angles and relate it to our lives, rather than simply memorize a few facts.

When not working, Jon is most often found horsing around with his two young children, playing music, or simply getting a quick gaming session in.

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Rich DerooyRich Derooy
Learning Assistant Specialist, Accessibility Services Coordinator & CCP Coordinator

As a student, Rich loved his college and university experiences and they led to exciting job opportunities primarily in human services positions.  He’s worked for eight different schools and held more than a dozen different positions with Coast Mountain College. He’s enjoyed the variety and considers it a privilege to be part of a student’s journey to a better life. He has two teenagers who have moved on to post-secondary studies and he hardly misses them –“What can I say? I love seeing students set out on a new path with all the opportunities and stories it brings!”

As the Accessibility Services Coordinator at the Smithers campus, Rich helps students with disabilities access customized support toward a positive learning experience. In his other role as Learning Assistance Specialist, he helps any student seeking study skills support. Sometimes applicants write assessments with him to assist with course selection or write “challenge” assessments to challenge a traditional academic prerequisite for entry to a College program.
In his free time, Rich is often on an outdoor adventure -all seasons, all weather with family or friends. He has a passion for human-powered boats and enjoys gardening, reading, and volleyball.

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Rachael PozzoRachael Pozzo
Learning Assistant Specialist & Accessibility Services Coordinator

Rachael has been working in adult education for over 20 years and is especially passionate about providing support to learners who are returning to their educational journey after taking time to raise a family or participate in the workforce.  She has worked at Coast Mountain College for 14 years and has held various positions in Learner Services and adult upgrading during that time.

Rachael completed most of her post-secondary education through distributed and on-line learning and is excited to see students from Northwest BC and further afield having the opportunity to access most CMTN programs in their home communities this year.  Having experienced the excitement - and sometimes difficulties! - of learning online, she looks forwards to helping students navigate a new learning environment.

When not working, Rachael can be found somewhere on the 80-acre hobby farm she shares with her husband and two young girls.  A large garden and animals from hedgehogs to horses, and everything in between, keep her busy and grounded.  She feels very fortunate to live and work on traditional and unceded Gitxsan territory.

In her role as Accessibility Coordinator, Rachael works with students with disabilities to develop individualized learning plans and accommodations to ensure that there are no barriers to their education.  As a Learning Assistance Specialist, she works with all students to provide study skills supports, planning and scheduling tools to help them stay on track, and a listening ear and connections to college and community supports if she is not the right person to help.

Please feel free to contact Rachael at any time at

Trudy DolanTrudy Dolan
Learning Assistant Specialist & Instructor

Trudy has spent 21 years working at Coast Mountain College (CMTN).  She spent her first 16 years teaching math in the Career and College prep program (CCP).  For the past five years she continues to be a math instructor and has added the role of Learning Assistant Specialist (LAS) to her work portfolio. 

She enjoys being part of the process of helping students navigate school, work, and family, and watching her students grow as adult learners.  One of her favourite times of the year is when her students participate in the graduation program to get their Adult Dogwood Diploma.  She is super enthusiastic and supportive towards all students that reach out to her and will find the tools needed to help you be successful.  She wants you to know that you are not alone in this online environment and that you just have to reach out and ask for help. 

In her spare time, Trudy also enjoys golfing with her husband and watching her three boys grow up.  Please feel free to contact her for anything you need or questions you may have: