Acceptance into student housing at Coast Mountain College does not mean that you have been accepted into a program. Please contact your admissions officer for up to date information on your admissions status.

Fees Total
Monthly rate $600.00
Damage deposit $300.00
Application fee $50.00

Note: Housing is only available for Coast Mountain College students.

Student housing living naturally involves some loss of personal privacy. Students who are NOT prepared to follow housing policies as outlined in our handbook are advised to find accommodation off-campus. Please note that there is no accommodation on-campus for children.

All buildings are 100% alcohol/smoke-free, it is recommended that students become familiar with the policies and process for living on-campus. Policies are in place to ensure an environment that is conducive to learning, and is strictly upheld.

The Student Services team is located in Waap Sa'mn (House of Spruce) and is available for you while you stay on campus. Please keep in touch; we are all here to help you reach your educational goals!