Experiential place-based learning

At Coast Mountain College, we create adventurous pathways to transform lives.

CMTN is committed to providing world class education that will provide pathways to further educational opportunities and careers. We have set out to become the College of choice for experiential place-based learning.

What is it?

Experiential Place-Based Learning (EPBL) means learning from direct experience, rather than just listening, remembering, and repeating back content on a test. At CMTN we prioritize learning from, about, in, and for the local places where you live, work, and study.

Instructors will provide tasks and activities that have you experience the content, discipline, and place through your hands, heads, and heart, and then reflect upon that experience to see what it had to teach you. EPBL happens outdoors in the field, in the classroom, lab, or workshop, on practicum, or at home. You will be asked to document, self-evaluate, and reflect upon the learning that happens, and in doing so you'll develop independence as a learner, and become contributors to your communities.