Atlantica - Study abroad in Portugal

Atlantica International Transfer Agreement 

Atlantica_LogoStudy abroad in Portugal. Start at CMTN and transfer to the Universidad Atlantica to complete your degree.

Coast Mountain College has partnered with the Universidad Atlantica to offer a reciprocal admissions pathway.

Students from CMTN are invited to study in Portugal, known for its traditional heritage, vibrant cities and stunning landscapes. Atlantica is located near Lisbon, with a campus set in buildings dated back to the 1600’s. This part of the region offers an affordable cost of living, and students benefit from small class sizes with lots of personalized support. All classes are taught in English, although this study abroad experience provides the opportunity to learn Portuguese.

The Universidad Atlantica provides pathways in Business, Health and Engineering:


Complete your two-year Business Administration Diploma at CMTN and transfer to Atlantica to finish your degree in:

  • Health Management – complete in 1-2 years
  • Management – complete in 1-2 years
  • Marketing and Business Communication – complete in 1-2 years

Or, complete a double degree in one additional year:

  • Management and Computing
  • Management and Marketing
  • Marketing and Computing

Did you know? Business students are provided work placement opportunities with multinational companies in Portugal.


Complete your first year of pre-engineering at CMTN and transfer to Atlantica to finish your BSc in Engineering:

Or, study for two more years to finish your MSc in Engineering:

Did you know? Engineering students are provided with co-op opportunities in multinational companies in Portugal and/or in Seattle with Boeing. 

Reciprocal partnership

Students from Atlantica who have completed the first year of their program are invited to study abroad at CMTN for either one term or one academic year.

Pathway requirements

In order to be guaranteed admission you must meet the following criteria:

  • Apply direct to Universidad Atlantica.
  • Submit transcripts demonstrating successful completion of either your:
    • Business Administration Diploma
    • First year of pre-engineering courses
    • Eligible health sciences credits
  • Obtain a student visa and demonstrate proof of obtaining adequate medical insurance

Note that your complete duration of studies is dependent on your individual study plan. For more information, please discuss with an Educational Advisor .

Further information

Learn more about what it’s like to study in Portugal: